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Musicians: Jasmine Reese (via The Glass)

Thank you for interviewing me, Chris McGovern.

Musicians: Jasmine Reese Jasmine Reese, yet another Twitter cohort of mine, is of great interest. Being a violinist, she has not had the more traditional route of early training, but quite a different calling altogether. After having the desire to learn the violin later in life, she had the idea to help others in this same situation. This has since evolved into a multi-tiered campaign in which she would be not only aiding her own musical training but also her health need … Read More

via The Glass


5 thoughts on “Musicians: Jasmine Reese (via The Glass)

    • Hi, Chris….that would be me! 🙂 I didn’t realize I was commenting directly on your blog…I just started writing and, well, there you go! Hope you don’t mind. 😉 I did enjoy the interview very much and I’ll have to check out your blog some more! Looks like you got a good thing going over there!

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