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Musings from My Practice Journal, One

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6 thoughts on “Musings from My Practice Journal, One

  1. Well, I’ll tell you this much…I could not do what you did in this video and make it sound half as decent, lol! Double stops are the thorn in my flesh. I know that’s sad since they’re so much a part of our “repertoire” but I have yet to figure out how NOT to get them to “crunch”. So I avoid them as much as possible. So that’s like, 95% of Unaccompanied Bach and tons more violin rep…which is why I don’t know 95% of it. I know, sad. This is why I like hiding in the back of a big orchestra. 😉 I get to have fun and keep my dignity! 😀

    So that said, I think taking on something that is “beyond” one’s technical ability is completely fine, as long as one is also willing to work on the technique required for the piece. How else will you be ready for it if you don’t challenge yourself? Gives you something to work towards.

    You inspire me, girl! Keep it up! 😀

  2. That’s a great piece, Jasmine. I don’t know it at all. But it sounds like Sarasate so you’re getting there 😉 I have a lot of practice tips after watching this but I’m not sure when I can take the time to sit down and pass them onto you. I wish you lived down the block! I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible…if you’re interested, that is. You know I’m slightly addicted to helping people with practicing.

    Happy practicing, biking, blogging, tweeting, etc.


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