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Stumbling Blocks

What did I expect? Of course a demonic downpour of popcorn size snow balls would decide to declare war on the East and Midwest portion of North America just when I resolve to start bootbamp training.  Why does chaos like to show his ugly face when you least want him to? I’m determined to not let Mr. Chaos win. I drove to the gym, and I did my first assessment for bootcamp. Thanks to a mild January with lots of outdoors cycling, my test came out great. I was able to run, perform situps and planks and so on. I could not do any pushups. lol Fiji, on the other hand, also tackled the snow with a feisty little heart.  She actually ran away for 10 minutes.  If you look closely at the picture above, you can see Fiji’s little body sprinting away. Near the mailbox. Ugh… First day of training for Fiji, FAIL!


3 thoughts on “Stumbling Blocks

  1. Jasmine, super cool that you are a biker and a great violinist – I also do both (am an addictive recumbent biker!) 🙂 Looking forward to your updates about your cross country trip!

    • That’s wonderful, Sue! Thanks for following me. I need all the encouragement I can get on my journey!

  2. Hi Jasmine, wow, a biker and a great violinist! Super cool! I love biking also. Good luck on your trip across the country with your bicycle and violin! Totally awesome!

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