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Generosity–Asking for Donations

gofundmeFrickketyfrack! I put my list of “necessities” together, only to see a whopping price tag of $6,000. Why the heck is cycling gear, clothes and camping stuff so expensive? Suddenly, those “necessities” started to drop from list. It’s amazing how quick one can go from absolutely needing something to forgetting it was ever on the itinerary.

If not for some great folks, biking across America would not even be a thought much less a reality. It’s really about stepping out of one’s comfort zone, gathering up the courage, letting go of the ego and asking for help. We live in a society where people think about themselves, and when they do step up to help others, it’s due to dire circumstances like illness. That’s understandable. When I first started thinking about taking on this adventure, I never thought about asking people to give me money for my journey. Because I, like anyone else, thought people wouldn’t want to help a 20-something college student travel the world. I mean, that’s a selfish endeavor; it doesn’t save lives or contribute to society in any way or form.

However, I’ve received great feedback from people. I raised $200.00. That’s not a lot. But when you consider it was 40% strangers who donated, it takes on a different meaning.

On top of that, thus far, wonderful companies such as DoggyRide, Tryathletics in Columbia, MO, and Springer America have provided me with discounted product and free grear. Tryathletics gave me an awesome discount and payment plan on my Kona Sutra 2013 bike, plus the accessories. Springer America sent me their product for free, plus wax to spread on Fiji’s paws. With their Springer, I can keep Fiji firmly attached to my bike.  No more accidents from the momentary craziness that is Fiji when she lunges after a squirrel or other small animal. DoggyRide gave me a monster discount on the DoggyRide Novel10 trailer. I loved the enclosed design of the trailer which once again protects Fiji and me from her instances of insanity. The sturdy and stylish trailer will hold Fiji for 75% of our ride, so the comfort it offers, plus its weight makes me proud.

And I take back what I said earlier. While there are greater and grander issues out there in the world, biking across America is a worthy endeavor. I hope my ride and subsequent weight loss can inspire others to step out of their comfort zones and take on challenges. What I am doing contributes to society in many ways. I am taking one more car off the street, helping the environment and spreading awareness about fitness and sustainability through cycling. I am one less person with too much time on their hands! All of our dreams play a huge a role in the overall scheme that makes up a healthy society. So, why not support one another when doing something positive?



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