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Where’s the Fiddler?

Like most of my dreams in the past two years, the violin took somewhat of a backseat. I went from four hour practice days to two or three weeks without even touching it. So, how’s fiddling across the country going to work?

Biking across America is about finding the person I lost–the skinnier me, the adventurous me, the musician in me. My violin is like my arm. So, for the past two years, I’ve felt like a part of my body was amputated, and I was no longer whole.

When I listen to music, violin in particular, I get chills. When I play it, it’s frustrating, exhilarating, and life-defining. I can’t imagine not being a violinist even though I’m not the greatest player or performer. But I still want others to experience music, to see how it changes you, and more importantly, I want to feel its power again. Somewhere in me is a musically passionate and entertaining being; can I find that person on this journey?

I’ve given it a lot of thought; Fiji’s trailer will hold my third arm. I need to find a waterproof violin case. I guess I can always put a plastic sheet over it. My plan is to learn from and collaborate with as many musicians as possible. I’ll upload these interactions to my youtube channel. When I reach the end of my journey, not only do I want to be 40 pounds lighter, but I want to be full with the sound of music. lol, corny, I know.


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