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Good News Overload!

Just a few days ago, I moped and lamented, “Mom, there’s only 2 1/2 weeks left, and we don’t even have the basics yet.”

“Jasmine, it’s going to work out. Things always work out,” she replied.

My mom has a knack for being right. In one day, I received the following news:

  • Rockbridge Animal Hospital would like to sponsor Fiji with updated vaccines (Dapp, RV and Bordetella), her exam, heartworm test, stool check, microchip, 6 months heartgard, 3 months
    Frontline plus a free 4th dose. Yay! Fiji will have a clear bill of health for the road, and she’ll be protected from pests and their diseases when we camp.
  • Jasmine, you’re a finalist for the Bicycle Touring Pro Scholarhsip. http://bicycletouringpro.com/blog/the-bicycle-touring-pro-travel-scholarship-2013-finalists/ Winners are announced April 12, 2013. My mind was in whirlpool state. I love the shock factor.
  • I received a tent, tent footprint and power grips from REI. I purchased them at a great deal with the last bit of cash I had for the week. The tent is light, and it looks like a good deal. I am so happy about that. Great reviews as well.
  • A friend suggested looking into the Contour Roam cam which attaches to your helmet or bike and records. After reading descriptions and reviews, I fell in love with it. But the price tag was $199.00. Not so bad given the price of other cameras such as the Go Hero. However, not exactly in my budget. Well, the discussion came up on my facebook page later about recording my trip. I told the person who asked that I was not sure I’d be able to record. A few moments later, Jenny, fellow cyclist and blogger, sent me a facebook message saying she had an older version of the Contour Roam that she never used and would send it to me!  WAAAAH!!!!!!!!
  • My biggest concern for our journey was warmth and a sleeping system. Sleeping bags seem to cost a fortune, and the cheap ones are useless. Since Spring wants to take its sweet time this year, I knew we would need a sleeping bag that would keep us warm at night. I had a plan for how to keep Fiji comfortable, but not myself.  The same day, I discussed my gear with colleagues at the Missouri Lions Eye Research Foundation, the non-profit I am spreading awareness and raising money for. Jason, a camping expert and fanatic, asked me about my camping experience and what I planned on using. I told him that I don’t have a sleeping bag yet. Without a moment’s hesitation, he offered one of his sleeping bags and a tent light! He also gave me tips on what else I should bring such as extra rope to replace guylines, and how to attach the rainfly on my tent. He also told me to purchase extra stakes at Walmart. Thank you, Jason.

We now have the basics out of the way, and my heart is full of relief and excitement with all the good news.  Only 16 days left!!!



2 thoughts on “Good News Overload!

  1. That’s great news jasmine, I was going to let you borrow one of my GoPro camera’s but someone else got you going on that. Amazing how blessings fall on you when you least expect it.

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