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Bicycle Touring Pro Scholarship 2013

I am a finalist for the Bicycle Touring Pro Scholarship!  Even more pressing, they announce final winners in two days–April 12, 2013.  BicycleTouringPro.com owner, Darren Alff, created the website to inspire bicycle touring. He embarked on his first journey in 2001 at the young age of 17 with very little money and resources. Thankfully, he’s spreading his knowledge (he’s now one of the most experienced world bicycle tourists) and generosity through the Travel Scholarship to other first time bike adventurers.

There are a lot of great candidates. One is a mom who plans to cycle 1,800 miles with her toddler across the States. Also, two women plan to raise awareness about brain aneurysms. Their father suffered from one several years ago and died recently. The story is heart-wrenching. I wish them the best as they pedal for their hero!

Then there’s little ol’ me. My story’s not remarkable. As most of you know, I’m trying to lose weight, bringing my doggy along, jamming a little bit on my violin and raising awareness and $5,000 for the Missouri Lions Eye Research Foundation. I’ll be happy to get just a small chunk of the scholarship. However, I am really just excited something like this exists. It’s a great resource for a beneficial and wonderful activity.


Visit the page and leave a comment of encouragement for all the tourist-to-be on the page.


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