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I truly appreciate everyone who donated the last two weeks, and before that! Gosh, you don’t know how much that helps. I am also happy to announce we’ve raised almost $200.00 for the Missouri Lions Eye Research Foundation, and I am sure we will raise even more in the next couple of weeks. Why? I plan on standing in places where it’s legal for me to solicit, holding up a sign asking for donations for eye research. I need to make a sign!

If you’ve donated to MLERF through my GoFundMe page, please send me your address and phone number: jbrzr3@gmail.com. I will have the foundation send you a receipt to deduct for your taxes!!

For the future, please make all donations directly to MLERF via their website, http://MLERF.org/. When you make your donation, please make a note that says “Because of FiJaBAM, Fiji and Jasmine Biking Across America” so we can keep track of how much we raise for them. Donations made through GoFundMe are subject to a fee deduction. That’s why I want you guys to make it directly to MLERF.

The Missouri Lions Eye Research Foundation is a group of wonderful people who restore sight and prevent the loss of it. As a musician, my number one fear is deafness; my second fear is losing my sight! Many people suffer from diseases and conditions which significantly alters or steals their sight. Let’s stop this together!

My GoFundMe page will be used for my personal donations. So, if you want to donate to Fiji and I for food, shelter and emergencies, donate there. To donate to our foundation, go to http://MLERF.org/. Thank you!


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