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My Little Girl

Note: little stories like this appear on my social media pages first.

Fiji’s truly spoiled. Thanks to a church in town, we got to stay in a motel for the night. It was a double bed. I was happy because I really didn’t want to share with Fiji last night. I wanted to stretch out my knee, so I put Fiji on the other bed and wished her a goodnight. She stared at me for several moments, hoping I would change my mind. She finally gave up and turned in 10 circles before lying down. At about 3am, Fiji, who knows barking and whining is not allowed in motels, starts to whimper and bark. I turned around to scold her and find her sitting up in bed, looking at me, pleading with me. She barks again. She usually listens, but she’s highly intelligent. She knew that I would let her come to my bed to stop the barking. After a few “no”‘s and “stop it”‘s, I gave up because it was 3am, and said, “Fiji get over here, you dumb dog.” She leaped over to my bed, licked me a 100 times and curled up next to me. I slept on the edge of the bed for the remaining of the morning.



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