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Knee Update

About a week ago, my knee started to ache. It worsened. My first host in Columbus, OH ran a massage clinic and offered me a free session. The massage therapist injury knew about sports injury. She told me my knee cap had some degeneration behind it.  I’ll probably need a knee replacement before age 40. She massaged my legs, loosening the muscles. She told me to stretch, take anti-inflammatory pills, or put ice on the knee when I could. I also bought a knee brace. I’ve been resting up in Columbus, but also riding everyday with Fiji to keep up my conditioning. My knee feels much better. So, that’s good news. I’ve been overweight since my teen years, so it’s the pounds that caused it, not the cycling. Losing weight and changing my eating habits is the best I can do for my knees. This is why losing weight was a big component or goal of my cycling across America journey. I want to take control, prevent future problems due to weight and be a fit person. Full transformation when I get to California, you know? I’ll work on it.

I will hit the road soon. I am going to start taking pledges for the Missouri Lions Eye Research Foundation. It’s about 314 miles to Chicago. I’ll tell you all why I might be going there first a little later. And then, I drop back down to Missouri. I hope to raise $1.00 for each mile I cycle from Columbus to Chicago to St. Louis, MO. I’ll announce it! So, on your mark, get set…

Fiji keeps my knees warm. Such a darling!

Fiji keeps my knees warm. Such a darling!

Please consider making a personal donation to our ride. Funds go to our ride expenses…food, shelter and emergencies. Thank you! http://GoFundMe.com/FiJaBAM


4 thoughts on “Knee Update

  1. I’d highly recommend resting your leg before continuing. Wait till it’s better then wait a few days more. Anti inflamatory pills are a bad idea in my opinion, all they do is mask the symptoms of the problem and let it get worse without you feeling it.
    For long term cycling the best thing to do is go to a bike shop and have them put your saddle to the perfect height. Or if you want to do it yourself, make sure when your foot is at the trough (bottom) of the pedal stroke, that your leg is fully (read – stretch) extended.

  2. Jasmine, I love reading your posts and hearing all about your and Fiji’s adventure. We miss you terribly. Stay safe and happy!

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