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Safety for a Solo Woman

As I think back to my trip overall, Fiji and I avoided and never encountered any bad situations. We really only experienced kind people, beautiful scenery and the occasional muscle aches.

One woman asked me, ” How do you travel alone? How do you stay safe?”

It’s difficult to say. Every cyclist or hiker or runner who embarks on a cross country or world journey has different circumstances, goes down various roads, and takes necessary and unnecessary risks. My decisions on the road could land me in a completely opposite position than another person, based on age, race, gender and other factors.

However, there are two things that all adventurers should follow.

1. Know how to read people.

2. Know your limits.

When on a journey of this magnitude, you’re going to rely on strangers at some point. Your “weirdo” sensor needs to be on.  If you feel uncomfortable, that’s your sensor telling you that it’s probably best to bypass the situation.

Also, you can’t always expect people to help. Know what you can do physically, mentally and spiritually. Don’t set up a 60 mile ride for the day if you don’t think you can do it. Don’t ride in the desert if you’re not confident about it.

Fiji is my sensor. She’s way better at reading people than I am, and I do a good job.  Without Fiji, my ride would be so different–the risk I take, the places I go, the doors of opportunity I walked through, etc….

So, I guess my advice is to follow your heart, but temper it with common sense.


3 thoughts on “Safety for a Solo Woman

  1. Hi Jasmine,
    I’m glad you are back! Did you finish in CA or MO? We are glad to have met you!
    deb (for Dan, too), Carlisle, PA

  2. Hi Jasmine,

    Glad you had such a good experience and are back safe and sound. I’m sure there’s more to tell than you were able to write.


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