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Begin Again

Today, my journey restarts, but I’m feeling a little down. I will miss small town Coolidge and all the people who came to my aid. What a great group of people (excluding the horny old guys)! Tomorrow, it’s back to the unknown. Where will the road lead us? Will we have enough money for the week? Will anyone take us in? Who will we meet? What will we see? Some days are full of worry, and other days are filled with awe-inspiring sights, sounds and persons. I am excited for road life again, but as I look at the clouds on the Horizon and realize they’re actually mountains, will I be able to make it?

Welcome to Colorado!

Welcome to Colorado!

Celebrate good times, come on!!

Celebrate good times, come on!!

By the way, Fiji’s friend, Max, found a forever home in Garden City, KS. Fiji was so happy and took several  dives into the Arkansas River in his honor.

We hit the road today. After our two week stay, we’re a little tapped out on cash. We appreciate any personal donations! http://www.gofundme.com/FiJaBAM


4 thoughts on “Begin Again

  1. Hi Jasmine,
    this is Paivi calling…
    I’m now already back in Finland, After nearly four months of cycling I reached Astoria, Oregon, a couple of weeks ago. I miss cycling already… and the whole journey! Of course it was hard sometimes, and wet, and boring and worrying and money problems… but also great and awsome and inspearing – it was one of my best journeys ever!
    Don’t worry about the mountains! They are not so bad as they look like! I usually walked all the biggest hills, but it didn’t matter – the main thing is that I managed them somehow! And if I could make it, surely can you!
    You have so many great things ahead of you, that I actually envy you! And I have to go back to work soon… 😦
    All the best!

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