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People keep asking me how cycling across the country changed me.  Well, living off three pairs of clothing for the last six months will definitely alter one’s perception of material needs.  The fact that I lived simply on the kindness of others, the little possessions I could fit in my panniers and a visit to the thrift shop once in that time shows me it’s not the materialistic contents of life that matter, but rather the itinerary.

Never once did I feel embarrassed about my situation because, even so, I was doing something worthwhile. You can have the least amount of money in your pockets, the least amount of clothes in your closet, only a bicycle in your garage, or hey, maybe you don’t have a garage; at the end of the day, it’s what your schedule looks like. When you choose to spend time with the people you love, when you get to go to the job you love, when you get to hug and kiss your adorable doggy, when you get those fleeting moments to just gaze up in the sky and admire the beauty of the tiny galaxy we call home.

With that in mind, I think I can cut my expenses, and double the value of my time left on this planet exponentially.

With that in mind, I want to take chances, try new things, do fun stuff and make spontaneous decisions with a level headed heart.

That’s why I’ve decided to stay in San Diego and pursue a job opportunity near and dear to my heart. I will also be continuing my studies in violin here. Welcome to California, Jasmine! Your journey has just begun.

But, don’t exit scene, yet. I still have a ton of updating to do, and I will give you all more details of my possible relocation and transition soon.  Also, instead of writing a book, I plan to write an in depth report of my journey right here on the good ol’ blog.



10 thoughts on “Value

  1. Jasmine, very happy for you. What you have done will inform everything you do from here forward. Accomplishing
    a goal that you had to work on every day is pretty much it.
    Remember it and go on from here. Let us know your big
    news in California, you’ve got us all holding our collective
    I’ve returned to the RTO and have gotten Rebecca, the first
    violin in our quartet, to help learn my music. Jake and I have
    been inducted into the Dressage Federation’s Century Club,
    and I’m doing better than I deserve in German.
    Stay in Touch,

  2. I was wondering what you was gonna do when you got over there. How she’s going to get back to the other side of the country? Well, now I know 🙂

    You completed one amazing journey and you are ready to start another. Enjoy!!

  3. Jasmine, I realize that this entry on your blog is not the totality of your thoughts on your journey, so I’ll keep reading as you post. I am hoping you gleaned more profound, insightful observations
    and I look forward to reading about the life lessons and the spiritual strength gained during this undertaking.

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