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Indianapolis and Musical Dreams

Yes, I am in Indianapolis, pursuing my dreams. I announced it on Facebook and other social media, but not here.

Anyone watch the movie Legally Blonde? Well, there’s a scene where Reese Witherspoon walks into her academic advisor’s office and declares that she’s going to Harvard Law School. Her advisor wears a grin of disbelief and says Harvard is a top 5 law school, “What are your back ups?” Reese, without a beat, replies, “I don’t need any backups; I’m going to Harvard.”

Well, let’s just say I feel like Reese’s character right now. I have big dreams. I need to work hard to achieve them. Maybe impossibly hard… But that’s not going to stop me from trying.

For the people back in Columbia, I will be home to visit my mom, so we can still connect. For the people all over the country who helped me successfully make it across the U.S., I salute you and thank you with all my heart. Please message me and let me know how you’re doing!


I am going to write again tomorrow. I am going to start with Pennsylvania and take you from State-to-State. So many magical, scary, and fun things happened on my trip.

BTW, Fiji is settling in well. She is a bundle of energy!


2 thoughts on “Indianapolis and Musical Dreams

  1. Wow! ISO – What a great finale for an amazing year!

    Forgive me – When I pointed you and Fiji up the Schuylkill Trail towards Valley Forge, I had some doubts as to whether you would get past the first of Pennsylvania’s mountains. But of course you did, and much more. All the best. Keep riding and stop here on your return ride! My Iceland trip was like nothing I have ever done (www.wbean19.blogspot.com).


    Buzz Bean
    WarmShowers, Narberth, PA

  2. Hi Jasmine,
    I look forward to seeing you in Columbia, and hearing about parts of the adventure that
    didn’t get into the blog.
    I also fulfilled a riding goal this past summer. Jake and I became United States Dressage Foundation Century Club members. You can read our story on the Foundation’s web-site. Also I rejoined the Really Terrible Orchestra and got up the courage to join the first violin section. It’s definitely more fun than playing non-melodies as second. The only theory course remaining for me in the School of Music was “Twentieth Composition Techniques” so I jumped ship and enrolled in German 🙂 Useful for both Dressage and music.

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