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map usFiji and Jasmine here. I am a violinist (student) and blogger. Fiji is–well–a dog. About two years ago, I rescued my loveable little mutt, Fiji. She was about to be put in a gas chamber at a pound. Ugh…I couldn’t let that happen. Now, the two of us are an inseparable pair. It only makes sense that I’d bike across America with her for three months, right? I hope you will follow our journey from NYC all the way to Los Angeles as I work my way towards a healthier, more musical, me, and Fiji keeps me company with her silly antics. You can find out all the details of our adventure here. We will try to update as much as possible with pictures and videos, but WIFI might evade us on certain parts of our journey.  Fiji and I hope we will inspire you to get up, get out and take a unique journey across the country and maybe even the world. In the meantime, please take the opportunity to donate $10.00 or more to our ride. We are self-supported, so a small donation can go a long way. It also helps us to stay safe on the road! Once we reach our fundraising goal of $10,000, $5000.00 of our donations will go to Missouri Lions Eye Research Foundation. Thank you!  You can donate to us here: http://www.gofundme.com/FiJaBAM


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Barb H wrote to me that you got to CA…I signed up for blogs but I can’t find the one Barb said you posted last night
    10/11. It was fun meeting you on the road on your way to Cortez…. Way to go. Carol

  2. I am 59 yrs old and have returned to the music scene after a number of years away from it. I do believe there is a time and place for everthing. I think this is my time vs years back being that place and time. Now I just enjoy playing music and watching the smiles and people being able to escape what ever bothers them while they enjoy the entertainment that I bring them.To me it is not the fame, glamer or money. It is simply the joy and fun in playing music. Oh yea I am a country music rythem guitar player and singer.

  3. be in the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra (but im a bit scared my teacher is the asst. concert mistress). or be a good cellist and of course be registered radtech aside from being a registered nurse….

    • You’re going to do just fine. These experiences will only make you stronger, so have fun while you’re doing it!

  4. be in the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra (but im a bit scared my teacher is the asst. concert mistress)

  5. hi jasmine, we can all achieve our dreams as long as we have the will. you know there is a filipino saying (but i will translate it in english) if you want it there are millions of ways but if you don’t there are also millions of reasons. me i just dreamed of putting up the High school ensemble i was rejected the first time by the school directress but i kept on repeating my request not to mention i have to balance me being the school nurse, teaching health education and studying a new bachelors degree very taxing but very fulfilling….put God in your ways and he will do the rest.

  6. Hi there, I have an ambition to master as much as I can in music on my own, where it is in singing, songwriting, playing piano, using music production such as Cubase 5 and music programs such as SIbelius 6 and recently playing guitar. What do I want to do after achieving all this? well currently I have material written, the only constraints I have are time and money, being a student is not cheap you know. In addition, I have to compromise between my love for music, with university work and part time work.

    My ideal dream is to perform as a solo act and maybe one day as a band. So far I have managed to achieve these and write some of my material under the “demos 2008- 2013” Project, that too from writing lyrics in the first year and a half, followed by picking up instruments such as piano and voice, then music production and notation, and most recently guitar. All this in around two years. Who know what else I may achieve after the next two.

    Have any questions? feel free to ask. Thank you.



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